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Dodd-Frank can force Landlords to reimburse tenants up to 3 years of payments in certain circumstances.

Did you know that under the Dodd-Frank bill that will be taking effect January 1, 2014, you might be faced with reimbursing your tenants up to 3 years of payments under certain circumstances? Everyone needs to understand how the Dodd Frank Act has the potential to impact your business. How Dodd-Frank will impact your real estate business … [Read More...]


Someone sent me a link the other day to the following article: 10 Common phrases for expensive home listings What is real interesting is the second list in the article, the 10 phrases found in the least expensive houses. If you are trying to Sell A House FAST, in today's market, you certainly don't want to utilize any of the phrases in the 2nd list, but there is one phrase that … [Read More...]

Why would I sell my home as a Rent to Own

Home Sellers use a Rent to Own for a number of reasons. The main reason to Sell My Home as a Rent to Own is that the transaction can be closed FAST.  In 30-45 days the Seller can have a Tenant/Buyer living in the property and paying rent to cover an existing mortgage payment. In today's economy, its tougher to get jobs in the same location in which you are currently living. That means … [Read More...]

Who pays the taxes and insurance for a rent to own home?

We had someone recently hit our site when they asked this question in their Google search.  I thought I'd answer it for the next query. The terms "Rent to Own" or "Lease Option" or "Lease Purchase", are synonymous except for one small difference in the contract. They total contract is really 2 different agreements.  Depending upon how they are drafted, they may be in a single … [Read More...]

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