Someone sent me a link the other day to the following article:

10 Common phrases for expensive home listings

What is real interesting is the second list in the article, the 10 phrases found in the least expensive houses.

If you are trying to Sell A House FAST, in today’s market, you certainly don’t want to utilize any of the phrases in the 2nd list, but there is one phrase that will make your listing stand out. That’s if you are trying to sell a house fast with a rent to own, and that’s to say NO BANKS NEEDED – RENT TO OWN or NO BANKS NEEDED – OWNER WILL FINANCE.

When you use a Rent to Own, you are providing something of value to the market, namely the existing financing on your house. Using Rent to Own, you are able to offer your house to the other half of the market where potential buyers can’t get approved for a loan today, but do have a sufficient down payment, and do have the monthly income to make monthly payments.

So don’t allow your house to be vacant while you are trying to sell it, RENT TO OWN it instead and you’ll be able to sell a house FAST.

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