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Thanks for asking for additional information on our Rent to Own Services

We have several ways that we can assist you.

1.  Information Product – If you’d like to do most of the work yourself, we have an information product called the Lease Purchase Success Kit that we sell about Rent to Own, Lease/Option,  and Lease/Purchase.  Its a very comprehensive printed manual with contracts, audio CD’s and video DVD’s  and consists of the following:

    • Lease Option Contracts (all the forms and Contracts you will ever need to get your house sold)
    • Lease Purchasing for the 21st Century© Manual describes the various types of Lease Option transactions
    • Hours of “How To” instructional Audio and Video
    • Live Video Training Sessions with Role Playing Videos
    • One hour of one-on-one consulting with the Rent to Own Expert included to get you jump-started.

2.  Consulting Services – If you’d like more help, then we can offer complete one-on-one consulting to get your house sold with a Rent to Own.  We will put together a business and marketing plan to get your house sold, advertise for potential Tenant/Buyers, pull their credit and verify their income, and then present you with the best of the applicants and sign all of the proper contracts so you are covered.  You will have phone, email, and Skype access to us to ask questions and get the results you need.

3.  Turnkey We do it All – If you are the type that wants things done right now and be done with them, and you’d like for us handle the entire process and have your house sold right now, we will do that.  We will agree to Lease/Option your house from you with the right to sublease, and then we will find a Tenant/Buyer with the needed down payment and the financial resources to make monthly payments, and get their application approved.  We handle all of the details for you.

As you can tell, we can provide the amount of service that you desire.  just complete the form below with a little information and we’ll contact you very soon.

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